I’ve got no shame in my walk

Lengthy review post – sorry!

Okay, so, here we have the New Beta – Free – Mesh Body from The Shops!

Now, I’m going to be super honest in this review!

Starting from headish? NECK! To toes…

The neck – Not so good match up. There’s a lot of gaps, and I tried both versions. Also, despite using the same tone for face and body, it just wasn’t very good of a match – as you can see in the photos.

Boobs – TORPEDOES! Seriously, the shape is quite awful =/ Unless you keep them at a much smaller size, they just don’t look right, as you can see in this gif:


It comes with hands, and the wrists just.. aren’t very defined at all. They look like stumps =/

The butt – AMAZING! I love the shape, and the way the skin looks!!

The feeeeeets!!! In the Style Hud that comes with the body, where it allows you to:

Change skin tone. Change the color of dress & shoes. Allows you to chance the height of your feet! No more switching feet to wear higher heels – it’s all in one set of feet – in the HUD! I FREAKING LOVE THAT.

Let me talk about my most favorite aspect.

When you wear the dress, it’s mesh that you ad on, but it literally is one size fits all. The dress expands with your body for a perfect fit. As seen here with my booty:


Now I suppose I might have been a bit harsh in my opinion – but I honestly think if they fix these things, I’ll have no problem taking my business over to The Shops!

The body itself seems a lot more seamless and clean, and poses seem to fit better, my arms & hands don’t go through my body as much!


Appearance –

Skin: The Shops!

Hair: Moon

Make-Up: Lovely Disarray – Was at the Dark Style Fair

Body –

Body, Dress, Shoes: The Shops! New -free-

Accessories –

Cross: Zombie Suicide – Edited down to thigh

Panties: Cheeky


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