I do this for me

Tulip is closing their doors. 50% off sale – Go get it before it’s all gone!

Kustom9 has teh shits.


I’ve always been super careful to show items in the most unedited, straight from SL way, but I’m over it.

That’s what DEMO’s are for.

I’ll blog how I like, because I want to do this for me, and how I want to.

Sorry if you’ve an issue with it, I’ll try not to do TOO much, it’ll mostly just be the color that is off.


Appearance –

Skin: Pink Fuel – MOST GOOD

Hair: Little Bones – Group Gift

Outfit –

Top: Blueberry

Jeans: BuenoKustom9

Shoes: Maitreya

Decor –

Teddy Bear: Dirty Stories

Teacups & Pocketwatch: Apple Fall –  Kustom9

Table & 2 chairs: Ionic

Back chair(blue): Oh La La

Wall Art: Ionic

Tall Drawers: Ionic

Boho Bag: Moon

Wolf Pup: The Mint Condition


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