Everything I do, I give my heart and soul

Some new stuff!

Dappa has these tops out at Suicide Dollz!

Zombie Suicide has these heels & awesome tentacle necklace for you at the main store!

The Pose Shop has this sick bike out at Victims of Ink!


SD = Suicide Dollz

VoI = Victims of Ink

Skin: Atomic
Hair: Moon – N°21
Tattoo: Joli
Outfit –
Top: Dappa – SD
Pants: Gawk
Shoes: Zombie Suicide

Accessories –
Necklace: Zombie Suicide
Nose Chain: Panik

Bike w/Poses: The Pose Shop – VoI


I always forget a name

Bloody Horror Fair.

Victims of Ink.

TAG Gacha.

Oh my!

I’ve also made 2 separate photos as you can see. One is more FB friendly, and the other focuses on the gorgeous tattoo! ❤

Zombie Suicide is a new Sponsor, and I’m so excite!!! My entire outfit is from there, in dedication & love to Miss Isis. ❤

So much appreciate to be a part of your team!


I love me some DAPPA ink. :3


Poses in 2nd photo by: In This Moment – Available super soon!

BHE = Bloody Horror Event
TG = TAG Gacha
VoI = Victims of Ink

His look here

Appearance –
Skin: Zombie Suicide
Hair: Spellbound – RARE – TG
Eyes: Clemmm – TG
Blood: Zombie Suicide – BHE
Tattoo: Dappa – VoI

Outfit –
Top: Zombie Suicide
Bottoms: Zombie Suicide
Shoes: Zombie Suicide

Accessories –

Nose chain: Panik – New Gift
Dog: Geek – TG
Cat: The Sugar Garden – RARE – TG
Bat: Half-Deer – RARE – TG
Flying Bat: MishMish
Pumpkin: MishMish  – Mystery RARE – TG
Bloody Bat: Vespertine – TG
Kitty on ground: Boogers – TG

Nanananananananananaaaaa Batgirl!

So miss Isis of Zombie Suicide sent me her bat implants, which you can find @ The Body Mod Expo



Also, new Little Bones group gift is MAJESTIC.

Pleasant shopping.


I wanted a more comic book feel to it, but it wasn’t cooperating. I still like the look of it.

Appearance –

Skin: Essences

Hair: Little Bones

Bat Implants: Zombie Suicide – Body Mod Expo

Outfit –

Top: R3volt

Pants: Gawk

Shoes: Reign

Accessories –

Mask: Pixel Fashion

Cape: Just Because

She is like a cat in the dark and then she is the darkness

Fleetwood Mac has been huge in my life, since before I was even born.

So it’s only fitting that as soon as I saw this hair… That’s what I thought of.

New Room 69 pose from THE POSE SHOP! My wifey is exquisite.

New Suicide Dollz item from DAPPA!

Who is also a new sponsor ❤

New Chapter Four hair from MOON!

Go get it all right meow.


Appearance –

Skin: Pink Fuel

Eyeliner: Buzz

Make up: Nox

Teeth: .R.M.

Tattoo: Dappa

Outfit –