And then the Arcade fell upon us

Oh boy.

Ooooh boy.

Much money has been spent, on this round of The Arcade Gacha Event.


This round, is amaaaazing!  I was quite struck by 8f8 myself, and I’ve acquired ALMOST the entire set. Missing a few commons I still need to grab. :3

Almost everything pictured is from the arcade!

I tried my best with the picture, but textures are just not my friend lately, and I’ve no idea how to fix it =/

Shameless Plug: Arcade List & Yardsale


Appearance –

Skin: Glam Affair

Hair: Spellbound

Outfit –

Sweater: Erratic 

Shawl: Erratic

Socks: Erratic

Accessories –

Hamster Travel Case: Boogers

Shoulder Pet: Half-Deer

Cloud: Half-Deer

Home & Decor –

Home: 8f8

Decor: 8f8

Hammies on counter: MishMish

Cookie Thiefs: Snips & Snails

Tree: Laq


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