Nothing but empty space & boxes where our love used to be

Well hello, world.

I have here some things… though I bought them awhile ago, so bare with me if I don’t list the event a particular item is at.


Pose by: The Pose Shop

The Stuff –

Skin: L’Emacity

Hair: Analog Dog

Top tattoo: Dappa @ IDK

Leg tattoo: Infected

Glasses: Ariskea

Top & dress: B.C.C.

Stockings & Shoes: The Secret Store

Bag: Reverie @ Shiny Shabby

Chair: Apple Fall

Boxes & Books: Tarte


Picture, picture, smile for the picture

The Dark Style Fair opens at Midnight!

You can find pretty much everything in my post, there – SO GO SHOP!


Marionette box + poses: the pose shop @ TDSF

The Look –

Skin: L’Emacity

Hair: Moon @ TDSF

Eyebrows + Eye makeup: Nox @ TDSF

Horns: LouLou&Co @ TDSF

Necklace: Keystone @ TDSF

Doll body: Coco

The Things –

Chairs: Apple Fall

Dolls: Remarkable Oblivion @ Tag! Gacha

Cuddle Sluts

Grabbed my wifey to help me out this time around!

She adds much cuteness.

New pose coming soon, #57 @ The Pose Shop later this week!


Pose: The Pose Shop – Coming Soon

The Look –

Hair: Moon – NEW @ N21 – Don’t forget Limited Edition – Not available after the event

Skin: Pink Fuel – Updated Maitreya Appliers

Face Tattoo: Dappa – NEW & $1

Top Tattoo: Space Mermaid – NEW @ N21 – Don’t forget Limited Edition – Not available after the event ❤

Bottom Tattoo: Infected – NEW @ The Black Dot Project ❤

Cardigan: Atomic – NEW @ N21

Dress: Tres Blah – NEW @ N21

Popcorn Necklace: Quirky – NEW  & FREE @ Wayward hunt!

Unicorn Tears Necklace: Fetch – NEW  & FREE @ Wayward hunt!

Puzzle Piece Necklace: Atooly – NEW  & FREE @ Wayward hunt! (also comes with another to give away)

Shoes: ILO – NEW  & FREE @ Wayward hunt!

The Things –

House: Dust Bunny – NEW @ Tag Gacha

Couch: Reverie – NEW @ Shiny Shabby ❤

Smooshed rug: Half-Deer – NEW @ The Chapter Four

Wall hanging with lights: Toro – NEW  & FREE @ Wayward hunt!

Wooden chair: Apple Fall – NEW @ Tag Gacha

Carpets: Ison – NEW @ Tag Gacha

Wall hanging: Floorplan – NEW @ N21

Chair: Consignment – NEW @ Fameshed

Pillow cart & hanging teacup: Apt. B – NEW @ Shiny Shabby

Magazines: Tres Blah

Dreamer sign: Casita – NEW  & FREE @ Wayward hunt!

I love you wall decor: Floorplan

Key Chandelier: Dust Bunny

If there’s any decor I missed that you’d like to know – Shoot me a NC & I’ll reply ASAP!

You call me lavender, you call me sunshine

I’ve been wanting to do a lil ballet picture for awhile, but felt I just couldn’t do it enough justice.


Not to toot my own horn, but I think I’m cute. TOOT.


Poses: If you’re interested, please contact me in-world or on FB! RhiannonCadrailCailin.GossipGirl

The Look –

Hair: Truth

Skin: Pink Fuel

Dress: U.F.O. (old Arcade)

Shoes: Reign

The Things –

Curtain: Hideki

Stall/Cabinet: Ionic – NEW @ TCF

Mannequin with dress, candlestick: U.F.O (old Arcade)

Dress form: Apple Fall

Hanging bottles, lights, hangar w/note, flower can: Keke

Stool: Tarte

I do this for me

Tulip is closing their doors. 50% off sale – Go get it before it’s all gone!

Kustom9 has teh shits.


I’ve always been super careful to show items in the most unedited, straight from SL way, but I’m over it.

That’s what DEMO’s are for.

I’ll blog how I like, because I want to do this for me, and how I want to.

Sorry if you’ve an issue with it, I’ll try not to do TOO much, it’ll mostly just be the color that is off.


Appearance –

Skin: Pink Fuel – MOST GOOD

Hair: Little Bones – Group Gift

Outfit –

Top: Blueberry

Jeans: BuenoKustom9

Shoes: Maitreya

Decor –

Teddy Bear: Dirty Stories

Teacups & Pocketwatch: Apple Fall –  Kustom9

Table & 2 chairs: Ionic

Back chair(blue): Oh La La

Wall Art: Ionic

Tall Drawers: Ionic

Boho Bag: Moon

Wolf Pup: The Mint Condition