I want to believe…

I tried to go to a Roswell themed sim & take this, all creepy cool like, but it just wasn’t in the cards. 😡

Joli made this top, and it makes me happy, because I love aliens, and I love Pitch Perfect, and the “nerds” part makes me think of that. ANYWAYS!

New shorts from Zombie Suicide, they’re super cute, and have a nice lil booty hangin’ out

Moon, ever so generous, released a new group gift.


The Look –

Hair: Moon – NEW Group Gift ❤

Skin: Sugarush – NEW ❤

Eyes: Buzzeri

Top: Joli – NEW @ CarnEvil

Shorts: Zombie Suicide – NEW ❤

Socks: Quirky – NEW @ IDK

Shoes: Baiastice – NEW @ Arcade


Wifey Blogs With Me

And I am finally sorta kinda back from my “hiatus”.

Sorry I haven’t been blogging!


Seriously… It’ll be at least 6 posts.



On me…

Appearance –

Skin: Pink Fuel

Shape: Joli @ The Big Show ❤

Hair: Moon

Eyeliner: Joli ❤

Tattoo: Dappa & SwaggedOut

Outfit –

Top: Joli @ Suicide Dollz ❤

Shorts: Joli @ The Big Show ❤

Shoes: Violent Seduction @ C88

Accessories –

Tiara: Zombie Suicide ❤

On her…

Appearance –

Hair: Little Bones

Tattoo – Identity

Outfit –

Top: Joli @ Suicide Dollz

Shorts: Joli @ The Big Show

Shoes: PixicatC88

Accessories –

Glasses: Yummy

My words can come out as a pistol, and I’m no good at aiming, but I can aim it at you

‘Ello lovelies!

Zombie Suicide has lots of goodies coming!

Fresh in the store is the shoulder armor, makes you look fierce!

Maitreya body, has not left my pixels since purchase. :3

Olive put out a BUNCH of hairs for Christmas! Seriously.. 12.


Please click Here for the NSFW version.

Appearance –

Skin: La Petite Morte

Hair: Olive – NEW Christmas Gift (VIP pack) Also comes in a freebie pack

Eyes: Dead Apples

Accessories –

Shoulder armor: Zombie Suicide NEW @ Store ❤

Hello my baby, hello my honey, hello my ragtime girl

New blog sponsor, Hello My Deer :3 Awesome, thank you!

Exile released 2 hairs, as Christmas gifts, male friendly.

This backpack is too stinking cuuuuuute!!!!!!! I love octopusseseeseses 😡 And if you do too, then this bag is for you! She puts out a bunch of stuff that’s Octopus, and I love it every time!

😀 Happy Shopping


Appearance –

Skin: L’Emacity – NEW! ❤

Hair: Exile – Group Gift!

Tattoo: Hello My Deer – NEW! ❤

Outfit –

Top: MotiAme – NEW

Jeans: Villena

Shoes: Reign

Accessories –

Bag: Zombie Suicide – NEW! ❤

❤ = Sponsor

It’s a double shot kind of night

And by double shot, I mean “double post”.

I had so many goodies to show you guys, I seriously couldn’t decide what to do.

So I did 2.

Also, I didn’t want to use decor, wanted to just show off these items & not take away, + try something new to mix it up for my layout!

Frost & CarnEvil goods.

But this tattoo, this tattoo gives me life. I love Elephants, and it’s absolutely amazing. ❤

I also wanted to blog these heels again, because they’re pretty darn cute!



Appearance –

Look 1 –

Hair: Lamb

Skin: Go&See

Eyes: S0ng

Tattoo: Dappa @ Frost ❤

Outfit –

Top: Joli @ Frost ❤

Skirt: Joli@ Frost ❤

Stockings: Beautiful Tragedy NEW ❤

Shoes: Zombie Suicide NEW ❤

Appearance –

Look 2 –

Hair: Little Bones NEW

Skin: Go&See

Eyes: Zombie Suicide NEW ❤

Tattoo: Dappa @ Frost ❤

Outfit –

Top: Joli @ Frost ❤

Pants: Foxes

Accessories –

Pipe: Dappa @ Frost ❤

Toe Ring: Zombie Suicide @ CarnEvil ❤

❤ = Sponsor