You make what doesn’t matter fade to grey

I’m happier than I have been in, oh, idk.. a year or two.

Also, these sandals, are SO cute, thank you Paolla ❤



Pose: The pose shop

Hair: Pritty @ TCF

Tattoo: Dappa @ MoM

Top: Foxes @ C88

Leggings: Tres Blah

Shoes: Reverie @ Shiny Shabby

Hammock: Cheeky Pea @ LTD


Since you’ve been gone, I can breathe for the first time

My completely rolled out of bed, put on whatever was closest, does not match at all outfit.

I don’t know what I’m thinking, maybe it’s the alcohol, or maybe because there’s been somebody playing this song a lot in my ear the past few weeks.

I’m not complaining.

I am so very happy where I’m at in life right now, I’m away from toxic people, and just having fun!



Pose: the pose shop

The things –

Hair: Moon @ N21

Tattoo: Dappa @ IDK

Headband: Zombie Suicide

Top: Joli @ Suicide Dollz

Shorts & Bikini bottom: Paper Arrow @ SummerFest

Flippies: Reign @ SummerFest

Wifey Blogs With Me

And I am finally sorta kinda back from my “hiatus”.

Sorry I haven’t been blogging!


Seriously… It’ll be at least 6 posts.



On me…

Appearance –

Skin: Pink Fuel

Shape: Joli @ The Big Show ❤

Hair: Moon

Eyeliner: Joli ❤

Tattoo: Dappa & SwaggedOut

Outfit –

Top: Joli @ Suicide Dollz ❤

Shorts: Joli @ The Big Show ❤

Shoes: Violent Seduction @ C88

Accessories –

Tiara: Zombie Suicide ❤

On her…

Appearance –

Hair: Little Bones

Tattoo – Identity

Outfit –

Top: Joli @ Suicide Dollz

Shorts: Joli @ The Big Show

Shoes: PixicatC88

Accessories –

Glasses: Yummy

It’s a double shot kind of night

And by double shot, I mean “double post”.

I had so many goodies to show you guys, I seriously couldn’t decide what to do.

So I did 2.

Also, I didn’t want to use decor, wanted to just show off these items & not take away, + try something new to mix it up for my layout!

Frost & CarnEvil goods.

But this tattoo, this tattoo gives me life. I love Elephants, and it’s absolutely amazing. ❤

I also wanted to blog these heels again, because they’re pretty darn cute!



Appearance –

Look 1 –

Hair: Lamb

Skin: Go&See

Eyes: S0ng

Tattoo: Dappa @ Frost ❤

Outfit –

Top: Joli @ Frost ❤

Skirt: Joli@ Frost ❤

Stockings: Beautiful Tragedy NEW ❤

Shoes: Zombie Suicide NEW ❤

Appearance –

Look 2 –

Hair: Little Bones NEW

Skin: Go&See

Eyes: Zombie Suicide NEW ❤

Tattoo: Dappa @ Frost ❤

Outfit –

Top: Joli @ Frost ❤

Pants: Foxes

Accessories –

Pipe: Dappa @ Frost ❤

Toe Ring: Zombie Suicide @ CarnEvil ❤

❤ = Sponsor

I can shake it shake it, like I’m s’pose to do

All the things!!!

blog2 blogsnapshot

1st pose by: Elegant Filth

Chair + pose: the pose shop

Look #1

Appearance –
Skin: Pink Fuel
Hair: Spellbound – NEW!
Eye Make-Up: Random Matter

Lipstick: Pink Fuel

Teeth – Whatever – NEW! And f*cking AMAZING!
Outfit –
Top: Revolt
Pants: Gawk – NEW! Black Fashion Fair
Shoes: Candy Doll – NEW! Black Fashion Fair
Accessories –

Upper tattoo: Reckless
Lower tattoo: Pervette – NEW! Black Fashion Fair
Ring: Swallow
Necklace: Reign – Group Gift

Pan: MishMish – Collabor88

Look #2

Appearance –

Hair: Truth – NEW!
Eye Make-Up: Pekka

Everything else is the same as look #1 – Clothes 😡


My handsome guys look: Here